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Korra book 3

I was late on watching the show, but man....this book has been very impressive! Huge improvement from the first 2 books, imo.

What's everyone else's thoughts on the book?

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and all his buddies died, why not finish off the rest of team anti-avatar?

unless they want to try and question him, but he's proven over and over that he doesn't exactly crack under pressure like that.

did you guys see those red lotus poison-holders? seriously, it's like SotS got animated...

maybe we should have those rocks that turn you into JS be related to that metallic poison.

I loved that finale! Can't put it into words right now, but it was awesome!

did you only just watch it?

is everyone settled in with school and whatnot?

I watched it Tuesday. Couldn"t make myself just sit there and get it over with until then.

I started school in mid-July

book 4 comes out on october 3rd!!!!!!!

I heard!! I'm kinda hoping Avatar doesn't end after that....

considering nick's treatment of the show, i don't think we're going to get another series, although i would love one of the second avatar. seeing how they figured out who he/she was and how they started the tradition of traveling the world to learn the four elements would be awesome, especially since before them, nobody knew to look for the avatar since wan was the first one.

but as far as what we will get after korra, iirc, bryke said we'd still be getting more comics after the rift at comic con.

I wouldn't mind that. I'd love a past Avatar series. I might've said this before, but I like the idea of a series of many past Avatar reincarnartions. Maybe a new one each episode or a back and forth between lives. "Meanwhile, as Yangchen was learning fire, Kuruk was facing Koh" for example. Like they all exist at the same time but also at different times. I'd imagine them as short adventures kind of in the same style as Rugrats episodes if that makes sense but with Avatar's art style and stortytelling

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