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Fanon:Team Avatar 17

The other one is too long to load.

I also have an idea for my new character.

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Nothing's too extreme for the Yunit! XD If you did put it in the story maybe Li could do a little glassbending afterward to add injury to injury? He might need Yalun since that might take more concentration than regular sandbending (which Li has no experience with yet), but how's that sound? Soundbending explanation would be great. It's a very interesting topic and hasn't even been detailed on the show yet (if ever)

Considering what ground glass actually does to the eyes, I decided it was a bit too extreme for kidnappers, even if they are from the cult. Might be interesting to use against jiang shi, however...

Actually, I was thinking maybe Assam could begin teaching Yalun soundbending, in order to make up for the fact that he was unable to recruit Raiden and to put Yalun's mind more at ease (it'll take a while before he can block a jiang shi scream like Assam can, though). Assam probably didn't bother when he was first teaching the Avatar due to the extreme difficulty and relative uselessness soundbending would have for an Avatar under normal circumstances.

here's another thought i had: (WARNING: RIFT SPOILER IF YOU HAVEN'T READ IT YET) (if you haven't read it, go to the link in that thread i highlighted last week)

no, really, spoilers ahead now...

remember when yangchen was fighting that spirit? and she went into the avatar state and declared that the avatar's job is to be the bridge, and to ensure that there isn't a rift between the two worlds? considering that she was in the uncontrolled avatar state, and that the deep one wants to totally separate the two worlds, what if yangchen's speech came from yalun's lifetime? when he's fighting the deep one, after he's got his head back on straight from talking to his past and current lives, he could lecture the deep one on not separating the two worlds, right before the epic battle, kinda like aang pleaded with ozai before fighting him.

I gave up on reading the comics a while back, so spoilers are a non-issue from that angle.

I do see where you're coming from, though. It could probably be worked in.


Jiang Shi glass attack it is!

Soundbending should make a great confidence booster for him


Nice way to connect to the canon (the comics are canon, right?)


For better or for worse. Yes, the comics ARE canon.

finally got around to reading... nice work tanc!

Thanks. I'm gonna try to finish it before the weekend, probably on Thursday or Friday as chances are I'm gonna be exhausted tomorrow from field work.

i'm so excited we get to publish another chapter! although all our subscribers have probably forgotten about us lol.

I'm sure the fanon portal people will be overjoyed. They've been complaining for a while now about how quiet the fanon side of things has gotten.