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The Cage

47 Ronin

I need to vent.

the new trailer for this film just came out, and i'm even more infuriated and angry than I was before. Why not just call it what it's going to be? 46 Stereotypes and one Mighty Whitey? Or better yet! Or better yet Last Airbender 2?


Lets begin the debate anew here.

Reasons 47 Ronin is likely going to fail.

I'm probably still going to go see the film. But it's not going to be 47 Ronin, if only to see how bad it will be.

I'm sorry, I'm probably overreacting, but after Last Airbender i don't want the Asian American communtiy to suffer another boondoggle at the hands of Hollywood.

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The Cage

47 Ronin will be great.

It's just a movie, calm down.

Don't let the race propaganda sites confuse you.


Oh, and Keanu Reeves is a badass.


I know its just a movie but. . .  grrrrGH! Hollywood just makes me so mad sometimes!


"I'm probably going to see the film. If only to see how bad it will be"

Lol. You're obsessing over it. This whole "racist acting roles" is making you crazed. That's 99% of your posts. Like I said, it's just a movie, they're not really disrespecting Asians.


I was just angry and venting, I'm over it now. I can't stay angry at what I cant change.

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