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Everyday thread.

There seems to be a lot of off topic college work on the TA board, talk about it here.

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yeah, it's about this guy who lived alone on an island for 20 years after a shipwreck.


So, if that happened you would've wanted to add a firebending villain? We're about 5,000 years before Korra, so that means Sozin would've jacked your character's swag


All I can think about is Wilson now XD


fire, earth, air, just something thats not water.

that is a great gif cage.

who's wilson?

how could sozin jack his swag if he's not around? (whoever you think "he" is referring to, you're right.)

Cool. There's only one real earthbending villain and no air so that'd be interesting. Plus, if earh and air villains were on a team they could maybe make up for each other's weaknesses as opposites

How is he doing that?!



I meant if it had actually happened Cage's evil firebender would've come first. Millenia before Sozin made it cool or hot (pun fully intended)

Wilson's the volleyball frfom Cast Away with Tom Hanks

And the question was for the gif


"How is he doing that?!"


photoshop skills.


You underestimate the human ability.

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