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The Bending thread

This thread is dedicated to one of the most interesting aspects of Avatar. Favorite element? Which element you're most like? What you'd do with bending? Bending theories? Post it right here!

Bye! (:

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I'd copy and paste some of what I said elsewhere, or what tanc said on aw, but I'm on mobile. -_-

Is this what you're taking about...?

kinda going out of order here, but idk why i'm so big on it. i put a lot of thought into my dynamics theory, and it makes a lot of sense to me. i guess i just like discussing that kind of stuff with people, and seeing their reasoning behind their beliefs. also, i really like being right, and i usually am about a lot of stuff. i put a lot of value on my education and overall intelligence.

i wouldn't really call it a contradiction - i just said most people would be wrong, then said that i think i could be the avatar. which could be very wrong, and i'd end up a non-bender. i have blue eyes (they were really blue when i was really little, but now they shift a bit between blue and blue-grey) which points toward being a waterbender, and water is my favorite element, and always has been since i followed bionicle. going along with the ice side of it (although that was a seperate element in bionicle), i'm slightly introverted and can be somewhat cold at times, but with that said, i can also be very welcoming, outgoing, and nurturing (for lack of a more manly word) to those i'm friendly with, which goes along with regular liquid water traits. i was born in the spring, which points toward earthbending, although with the 'new' zodiac signs i should be a firebender. (imo, the new zodiac signs are void - if you were born at a certain time under one sign, then that's your sign. just because your birthday now falls under a different sign doesn't mean that's your sign now.) i can also be very stubborn, which also points to earthbending, my second favorite element. i'm very driven to succeed, which points toward firebending, and i also studied tae kwon do, which would probably be used for firebending, if not that, then earthbending. also i can be rather assertive at times, (although not in a bad way) which also points toward firebending, or that may just be part of being stubborn. i think i have the least in common with airbending, although i try to think on my feet and find a plan B to fall back on if plan A doesn't work, which is an airbending thing. also, i like nature, and think we are too dependent on tech these days, which seems to be an airbender-esque thing. (just a quick side note on air: in the bionicle canon, air was very different from in avatar. first of all, they lived in the canopy of a dense forest (which i guess makes sense) and it wasn't so passive. those who could control air usually had increased agility and flexibility, and were a bit on the wild side).

so if i was lucky enough to be a bender in avatar, my first choice would be a waterbender b/c that is my favorite, although i think i'm more likely to be an earthbender. (and i would probably dream up seismic sense, because i had thought of the basic concept of using your element (earth or other) to sense stuff back before i'd even heard of avatar). if i couldn't choose earth or water, i'd be pretty torn between fire and air - both are always available (another note that you probs don't care too much about: in bionicle, if you had elemental powers, that included creating, controlling, and absorbing said element. again something different from avatar) and they have their pluses and minuses. of course i'd take the job in a second if i could be the avatar, but the chances of that are slim. (but maybe not too slim, right? i'm the avatar in our fanon...^_^) Another thing about being the avatar, korra had pretty much no traits from air(bending) yet she is still the avatar...same goes for aang and earth, and roku and water. so the avatar always has some element he doesn't have a connection to. also, i don't think the era in which you are born would have an effect on your bending status. i'm not mad you called me out on this, i actually really enjoy discussing this stuff. :)

haha, yup, exactly that. although the first paragraph sounds out of place, so let me put some context to it: tdo asked me why i was so passonate about the avatar being one person.

as for the second paragraph, he asked me about my reply to tanc's avatar persona thread on AW - who you'd be and why. i said most people's theories about themselves would be wrong, then claimed to be the avatar. tdo thought that was contradictory, so the second and third paragraphs are my thoughts on that.

Intelligence4 wrote: tdo thought that was contradictory, so the second and third paragraphs are my thoughts on that.

But you proved me wrong. (:


Well according to your logic about the bending. I'd likely be an earthbender. My genetics are a good fit with both Air and Earth. But my personality is all earth and like no Air.

I think we can all agree the whole Avatar/bending is one the coolest things in the history of shows. Bending really expands the imagination.

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