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ya'll know the drill... :)

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Well, there's really three divisions between what we think of as "grasses": true grasses, sedges, and rushes. All three are very speciose, with sedges in Wisconsin, my home state, alone numbering 180 species if memory serves.


Wow. You live in Wisconsin? How can you live in that cold?!?!?!?!?!? Man, All you guys are from up north, except for me.

This >>>>>>>>>>>>This.

Tanc, do you have any plans for Kyoshidude's character?


Wow. I know I keep saying that, but this stuff is mind blowing! Little things like grass have so many varieties and most people don't know. That's amazing and kinda sad. Not that we should all study it, but Earth is really taken for granted. It's wonderful in the most literal sense of the word. Excuse the epiphany. I haven't admired nature since 7th grade science and finding the Chinese, Japanese, and Croatian pics I proposed for backgounds here


^Beaches are nice, but snow is cool! Pun fully intended! (I regret nothing)


But can snow do this...bewbs?.

Are we going to have any "political" stuff in our fanon???



Its really worth it when you can come in after a cold day and sip some hot cocoa and recline by the fireplace.

That was the BFF of the assassin character from Assam's temptation chapter, right?



Nope, but it can save you from things you'd rather not see. Plus, no shark attacks


Oh yea, that character. We can probably include her in the flashback episode, or perhaps in the second book when Yalun's parents (or whoever we agreed on) loose their bending.