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the avatar

imma highlight this just to encourage more activity here cuz that been a bit low.... anywho, it's so exciting to finally hear about the first avatar! and we know it will be a two part episode! wonder when it will air? anyway, we know the avatar didn't exist in the spirit world before the mortal the avatar even a spirit? cuz i thought the avatar was the spirit of the planet and stuff...what else do we think we know that's changing?

i'm just excited to find out if my dynamics of the avatar is right! XD

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Haha XD Which comment?

so i was just doing some math as a result of my post on the TA thread, and i noticed we can figure out roughly how many avatars there are.

first avatar=10,000 years ago

each cycle seems to last about 500 years.

4 incarnations per cycle.

so 10,000/500=20 cycles of avatars.

20cycles * 4 avatars/cycle = 80 incarnations of wan.

wait, only 80 avatars? that can't be right....

oh well, w.e. maybe it is - we never got an exact head count from any pictures we've seen in the SAT or the korra b1 finale.

Some Avatar can die at 5 and some can die at 252 (Kyoshi), we'll never find out...unless they talk about it on LOK.

But lets talk about something other than LOK and A:TLA. XD

Yeah, we'd need their lifespans to even guess. Roku only lived to be 70 something while Kyoshi was some kind of fountain of youth addict. Since it seems they choose thir appearance when talking to themselves, we can't even guess how long the Avatars lived that we see. Ex.: Kyoshi died in her 200s and Aang at 66, but she looks like a woman in her 30s and Aang is his 40 year old self. Only Roku shows up old.

@Carrie Underwood's legs (interesting name)

We can, but this is "the avatar" thread XD

Earth Kingdom wrote: @Carrie Underwood's legs (interesting name)

We can, but this is "the avatar" thread XD

I'm just joking. (:

I know, me too :)

We can still estimate. said kuruk was about 500 years before korra, so we can use that for a standard. Plus, kuruk's early death offsets kyoshi's late one, and 500 years makes for easy math. Although we could also use 400 considering aang's iceberg time, but I'm still gonna say there have been about 80 avatars.

Then why did Roku say he learned the elements 1,000 times in 'The deserter'?

b/c they didn't plan that out - that was in book one, and bryke said they'd had ideas of the first avatar since book 2. And/or they're bad at/didn't consider math. they were probs art majors anyway lol. (not that there's anything wrong being that...they still managed to be sucessful)

also, roku was exagerating anyway. a good example of hyperbole.

why do i keep making all these literature lessons if i'm a life sciences guy?

I thought he was just being figurative, but I never would've guessed back then that the first Avatar was almost 10,000 years before Aang.

Considering Kyoshi lived to be 230, but was the longest living Avatar I guess we can assume that a normal incarnation will live the same as any human without an early death in the way. Roku died from smoke inhalation so he might;ve lived longer than he did. But we only know 3 Avatar lifespans. They could die at 100 on average or 70. I'll assume about 90 since Katara's 85, Zuko's 87, and Sozin died at 102. People seem to live longer than they do in our world. That would make a cycle of 4 Avatars about 360 years or 450 if you want to go full circle (fire-fire, air-air) Of course, this doesn't take any untimely deaths or naturally short lives into account

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