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i'm probs just going to make a new one every 100 after this...imagine how many replies we've had so far......and we don't even have our third chapter out yet...
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For bending moves, maybe Nilak can wall run. While he's got a big chunk of water, then jumps off the wall and nails his enemy.


I don't think anything terribly acrobatic will be possible: remember, we're in rather cramped tunnels, there won't be much room to maneuver.


well, i'm chained up in a cell with a cultist "priest" and a bunch of scrolls and tomes and stuff right? and right before the JS spririt gets to me, i somehow find the strength to escape? i kind of imagine that scene playing out with me finally breaking free (mentally) and unleashing a massive breath of fire fueled by fear, rage, and desperation, which ignites all the documents in the room (quick note on those: they could be what we were looking for before, but we still have to go to the spirit library b/c i burned them all - maybe i saw a little bit of them so i know what we have to look for), takes the cultist out of play for a while, and like my master, burns my lip and tongue. That gives me enough time to physically free myself, and run, eventually finding the rest of the Yalunit. Other than that, i guess just some hapkido for waterbending. (but where will nilak and i get our water?)


so...i have an idea for the JS. tanc, i remember you said something about fire being a weakness of the JS. so here goes: the only way to end a JS is to burn his insides, which are extremely flammable. in deep terrors, nilak and yalun managed to crush a JS into submission, only after battering him endlessly for a very long time, and any wounds inflicted on it healed rapidly. so i was thinking that they have to heal fast so they can protect their insides from becoming vulnerable to heat, and the reason he "died" after being crushed was the pressure created from the avatar and his waterbending master was too much for the flammable insides, which burned rapidly (which i guess means it should have gone boom, but i think we can pass that off easily, and just say the pressure escaped through its mouth or something) and killed it. I drew my inspiration for this idea from "the swamp" when katara was cutting up huu's monster, and they had to get to it's insides to do anything, and the fact that JS are flame-vulnerable. what do you guys think?


Sounds good. Seems dumb for them to be in the FN if they actually know that's their weakness, though. Maybe they haven't figured it out yet?


Actually, how you escape is a bit less dramatic. See, the way these priests gain compliance from their victims is through small dark crystals that seem to dissolve on contact with the forehead, essentially making the person the puppet of the priest and allowing the ritual to work (as had been said before, the recipient must be willing, but not necessarily in the right state of mind). Just as the priest approaches you with the crystal, you summon just enough will for an airbending breath, knocking the crystal into the priests forehead. Shortly after you realize its properties, you get the priest to set you free.

Fire is a weakness for the jiang shi much in the same way that armored knights are weak to maces and hammers; it isn't a garunteed instant kill, but it is the most efficient method. The other bending arts have issue with the jiang shi due to their strength, but strength means little to fire.

Also, the jiang shi was able to heal only because it was able to feed. Interrupt the process, no healing.


...that escape method sounds good too.

can we still do the burn from the inside idea?

good news! another subscriber!

ta1, maybe you should hit log off before clicking on the link...can they track who's logged on AW? if so, that would just mean you get blocked that much faster.


Both sound like great ideas by Tanc and Intel.

No. They can't track me, when I'm logged on and don't contribute. Now if I comment or make an edit....


Like the Matrix, they soon find out your hideout...

Intel, maybe the best strategy would be hitting hard up untill he gives an opening, when we'll use this as the chance to burn him by incinerating his insides?



and yeah, that's pretty much the/my idea - but we'd have to cut it open first to expose the inside surface, like with a sword, or air/water slice. i kinda imagine a JS's skin as being somewhat flame-retardant.