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Movie/TV thread

Just post your favorite movies/Tv Shows in this thread. And before you guys say "does this really need to be highlighted?" Same can be said For The Search and LokB2 threads.
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The Air Nomad Critic wrote: For movies, I would probably go with the Lord of the Rings trilogy. For TV shows, Game of Thrones.

Ahh, Walking Dead's competitor. Walking dead will always be better than thrones. (;



wait a sounds like you followed the hangover since you were eight haha.

did you guys both read harry potter, or not that either?


I've read it. Has its flaws, like a very odd magic system, but a solid read.

Haha. I meant Harry Potter. And I only read the first 4 books
Never exactly had a favorite. I like Will Smith and a few other actors

There's too many to name for action. But for comedy, Ken Jeong, Zach Galifankis, Will Ferrel, Vince Vaughn, Steve Carell, And plenty more.

I'm watching the Avengers on Friday. Did any of you guys watch it? If so, how good was it?

@ Tanc

Faovrite character in Game of Thrones?


Hard to choose. Tyrion is always a favorite, as is Jon Snow. Denarys seemed too whiny for my tastes, but to each his own. I also like Davos Seaworth.



I know Energy man will have a smilar fighting style to bane. But what about his awesome quotes?

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