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I know many of you guys will disagree with this idea. But I've been looking on other Fanon wikis, and they all have character pages. Should we make character pages on this wiki?


maybe later - right now, there's not much to say on each character, and what there is to say, has already been said on the main page. that said, feel free to start making those pages here so we can export them when we're ready.

also, we'd need a picture for that, but our artist hasn't gotten back to us on that yet.


Fair enough.

We're still 5th on the waiting list. And she hasn't talked to her current patient in quite a while.


hhmmm....maybe we should shoot her a message and see if she's still interested. if not, we should find another. minichi's my vote if we do find another. (i think - idk many other ppl who draw on AW)


I think it just takes a lot of time. About shooting her message, I think we should hold on to that, until after this week. But yeah, Minnichi would be my vote as well.


Made the Character pages. For each of our characters, we can put down our role in each event/Chapter.


Worry not, we'll be getting some more violent action soon. Like Assam snapping the bones of cultists with concentrated air blasts, or Qin incinerating a whole hallways worth of them.

Surveying the edges of a 40 acre piece of land hurts :(


I don't condone violence IRL, but in fiction...


we can rate each chapter too. the main page should (i think it does) say pg/pg-13, and on each chapter, we can give more specific ratings. so far the first two should be (again, i think they already are) just pg.