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• 6/26/2013
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• 8/10/2013

(Skeptically) You're really him?

• 8/10/2013
About as much as I am Doug Walker.
• 8/10/2013
Hmph. OK. I get it.
• 8/10/2013

The Air Nomad Critic wrote: About as much as I am Doug Walker.

Not really. Doug Walker isn't very famous to the Amazing Nicholas Cage. Doug Walker is just a glorified nerd.

P.S. I like how you get multiple kudos very every time you comment, even if it's in the simplest form. XD

• 8/10/2013

"just a glorified nerd"  XD lol

• 8/10/2013

GokuSSF2 wrote: (Skeptically) You're really him?

Yes...I have proof. Have you ever been dragged on the side walk and....PISSED BLOOOD!!!!!!!!!

• 8/15/2013

haha, love the beginning! seriously though, someone needs to tell him to read the comics, not even like he has to vlogs them.

so he likes the tech update...

but not new york.

i like that he noticed that it was geared more towards the older generation.

jealous that he doesn't have to have a huge gap between b1 and b2. like wut. that was the longest time avatar fans have ever had to wait for the next book.

he's got like paint on his hand or something....

does he know this book was supposed to be a standalone?

seriously what's his problem with names?

i don't think he understands the fact that the first episdoes of both series were aired together...

• 8/16/2013

I didn't even watch it. I just gave it to you guys. (:

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