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• 6/24/2013

To Do List

do you guys think it's necessary to bring pictures over from AW? like the ones that show up in our chapters. also, we should get the templates working. obviously we can't get some of the user templates working, but we should get the userbox/infobox ones working.

what else do we need to do?

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• 7/24/2013

Here's the full image. Although it's not as clear. I think it's time for the poll, now. Not to be rushy or anything.

• 7/25/2013

Intelligence4 wrote: so the amazing 1, are you still up for your job as coder?


• 8/20/2013

just figured i'd put this here.


look at the number of edits, and the contributions list. if anyone can explain it, i hereby give my thanks in advance.

/looks at our coder first, then around the figurative room.

• 8/20/2013

It's just a bot. It does automatic edits. If you need more answers, I'll give you more info later.

Legs out!

• 8/20/2013

yes please.

out of what? your pants? lol.

• 8/21/2013

^^ O_o  And the way they managed to put out that fire... 

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