So, an off topic board is a great idea! It's a little weird, though 'cause I'm used to going off-topic by accident and now there's a place you're supposed to. I compare it to snging great on a bus and then having a horrible audition on American Idol. (looks like I can go off-topic while off-topic) Anyway, what's more off-topic than a completely different show? Dragon Ball is one of my favorite series ever. Actually, until Avatar it was my absolute favorite. Now they're pretty much tied. I guess to start this off I should ask: 1) Do/did any of you guys even watch Dragon Ball/Z/GT? (I know Goku did) 2) If yes, who's your favorite/least favorite character? 3) Favorite/least favorite villain? 4) Favorite/least favorite saga/season? 5) Dub or sub? You can, of course, have more than one answer. Of course, if you answer "no" to the first question, the rest are useless and I will consider it my personal duty as a human being to try to convert you. Also consider every time I said "off-topic" to be a Dragon Fist in Frieza's gut, including that last one. He deserves it.

You don't have to answer all of em. (or any of em really) Just thought it would help get this rolling or even just crawling. Here's mine: 1) Yeah all three. 2) Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo. Least-  Not sure. Even some of the weaker characters have some qualities that redeem them in my opinion. 3) Cell. Least- Garlic Jr. 4) Android Saga. Least- none. 5) Both