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So, an off topic board is a great idea! It's a little weird, though 'cause I'm used to going off-topic by accident and now there's a place you're supposed to. I compare it to snging great on a bus and then having a horrible audition on American Idol. (looks like I can go off-topic while off-topic) Anyway, what's more off-topic than a completely different show? Dragon Ball is one of my favorite series ever. Actually, until Avatar it was my absolute favorite. Now they're pretty much tied. I guess to start this off I should ask: 1) Do/did any of you guys even watch Dragon Ball/Z/GT? (I know Goku did) 2) If yes, who's your favorite/least favorite character? 3) Favorite/least favorite villain? 4) Favorite/least favorite saga/season? 5) Dub or sub? You can, of course, have more than one answer. Of course, if you answer "no" to the first question, the rest are useless and I will consider it my personal duty as a human being to try to convert you. Also consider every time I said "off-topic" to be a Dragon Fist in Frieza's gut, including that last one. He deserves it.

You don't have to answer all of em. (or any of em really) Just thought it would help get this rolling or even just crawling. Here's mine: 1) Yeah all three. 2) Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Piccolo. Least-  Not sure. Even some of the weaker characters have some qualities that redeem them in my opinion. 3) Cell. Least- Garlic Jr. 4) Android Saga. Least- none. 5) Both

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Earth Kingdom

never watched it/don't know anything about it. i was more of a bionicle (by lego) guy myself - the whole element manipulation thing is what got me interested in avatar in the first place. bionicle literally was my childhood. i heard of the airbender movie a few years after it came out and i thought 'oh cool.' that actually was right around the time korra preimered (which is probs why i heard of it) and someone who was a fan of the original series told me the movie was bad, just watch the cartoon instead. i ended up finding all the episodes via google, and watched them pretty quickly. that was when korra was about halfway done; i remember all the hype waiting for the finale - i thought for sure korra would go all avatar state when amon tried to take her bending, but the way they did it was good too. obviously i'm not a child anymore though,(ah the memories) so the whole thing is like a hobby to me now. but i still can't wait for book 2.

it's so nice to have our own exclusive wiki with less than 10 people on it - we can do basically whatever we want, and we have an entire website to do it on. why didn't we think of this earlier??? :)


I didn't even know it was possible to do this.

So, you got into Avatar because you heard about the movie? That's the only positive I've ever heard come from the movie! I saw a few minutes of it a few months ago when Nick was airing it. I heard horrible things about it for years so I wanted to see if it was that bad. It was,but to be fair I only saw one scene. The pronunciation killed it for me. That's a really cool story.

So, Dragon Ball is a really long series about a boy named Goku. It ran from 1986-1989, Z from 1989-1996, then GT from 1996-1997. I started Dragon Ball Z in kindegarten when Toonami started airing it. It took up the next 5 years of my life and then the rest of my life through games and re-runs. It starts off with him as a child and he makes it his goal to become the strongest fighter by fighting people stronger than him and surpassing everyone else. It's like a martial aarts adventure. Then Goku becomes a man and the sequel series, Dragon Ball Z, starts. It's a totally different show. The first series was lighthearted and slapstick humor most of the time, with lots of action mixed in. Dragon Ball Z, was action mixed with action and the occasional joke. He started fighting opponents from all over the galaxy and even has a son that hates fighting. Eventually, he has no choice since he's surprisingly strong for his age (4 in the beginning.) Then, Dragon Ball GT is the last series. It's the only one not based on the Dragon Ball manga by Akira Toriyama. Some people say it isn't cacnon/never happened since it's anime only. Either way, I still think it's cool. It follows Goku into his 50s, but an early plot twist makes that irrelevant. I tried my best to describe all the series, since you don't know anything about it, really vaguely because this show relies on spoilers to tell even basic summaries. So many things are revealed in Z that aren't covered yet in Dragon Ball, that it spoils the first series' entire existence if you hear about Z's plot first


that's pretty much the silver lining of the movie - while it sucked really bad, i've heard of a lot of people getting into the show b/c of the movie. apparently tanc was into bionicle a while back too. i eventually watched the movie out of sheer curiosity, and i agree, the pronounciation felt like a knife in my back every time they did it. same with the haru scene - i couldn't take it.

dragon ball sounds kinda cool, i did some googling about it.


One word: "Soaka"

about Dragon Ball

Glad you thought so

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